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This file is not a .cfg file placed outside of the app folder for a little easier understanding and implementation.

URL Root / Prefix

app.config["URL_ROOT"] allows you to put all routes under a sub-path if needed (say it's a sub-app of another app) with the help of Blueprints.


app.config["TEMPLATES"] makes it easy to switch templates that are rendered through the app.


app.config["MSG"] allows you to replace some messages wherever possible.


app.config["FEATURES"] allows you to toggle some features using boolean values. True means on, False means off.


Allows users to use the bot without having their credentials stored in the database. This means that their calendar is fetched ONCE and remains in the app for a limited time.


Allows demonstration of the bot outside of the platform using embedded chats, etc. This uses a unique ID (usually session ID) as the sender ID. All demo users are forced one-time-use i.e. their credentials aren't stored and the chat dies after a while.