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Registration Form

This is the registration form. Tailor this according to your university.

The Hillhead Theme

<!-- It's a good idea to style the registration form with a theme that is familiar to users and can get their trust.-->

The hillhead theme is extracted from University of Glasgow Moodle and used in uni_theme_reg.html.

Standard / Default Theme

If you're not into making your own form, a pre-built generic form template is given and can be toggled in

Rest of the Templates

The theme used is Grayscale from Start Bootstrap.


There are two favicons - favicon.ico and unibot.ico - which are the logos for Boyd Bot and Glasgow University Timetable Bot respectively. They are used for Boyd Bot's homepages and registration form respectively. When editing the registration theme, you can also replace unibot.ico with your timetable bot's icon with preferably same file name.